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School Council

The job of the School Council is to discuss issues and ideas that have been brought up in Class Council sessions. The School Council Executive Committee meets with Ms. Kirwan to pass on the ideas and views of the Ashtree Children.  There are representatives on the School Council from Y3 to Y6 (Y2 in the Summer Term).

The Executive Committee for 2019 – 2020 are:

Chair Person: Jack. S
Vice Chair:  Enoch. Y
Secretary: Olivia. E
Eco-Rep: Anna. W

Recycling at Ashtree

We are very grateful to our School Council who wanted to find a way to recycle the new plastic milk bottles that are being supplied by HCC. The children, quite rightly, have taken a dim view of single-use plastics. The executive committee of the School Council were tasked with making a phone call to Stevenage Borough Council investigating the cost of recycling bins. Anna Y6 Eco Rep. and Jack Y6 Chairperson were very professional in their call and presented the dimensions of the bins that were required and the schedule of collections needed. As a result, Stevenage Borough Council are providing a free service to the school and we are all very grateful. Fantastic job everyone.

Stevenage Schools’ Parliament

Our School Council is also represented in the Stevenage Schools’ Parliament.

Our Parliament Representatives this year are: 

Enoch. Y
Anna. W