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School Council

The job of the School Council is to discuss issues and ideas that have been brought up in Class Council sessions. The School Council Executive Committee meets with Mrs. Janes to pass on the ideas and views of the Ashtree Children.  There are representatives on the School Council from Y2 to Y6 (Y1 in the Summer Term).

The school council is:
Year 6: Alice, Kareem, Remai, George, Zoe and Oliver.
Year 5: Ruby, Bobby, Kamran and Kirsty
Year 4: Erin and Pixie
Year 3: Oscar, Jessica and Layla
Year 2: Lola and Harrison

Ashtree Leaders

At Ashtree we aim to develop our children into young leaders. This allows them to develop their skills in communication, organisation and teamwork and then apply these into situations which help others. We are proud to have 8 Sports Leaders, who support staff with running clubs and ensuring equipment is well looked after. This year our Sports Leaders are: Natalie, Claudia, Elias, Harry, Dinali, Poppie, Reo and Abou-Bakr – Year 6.