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As from Monday 23 January we will not be stocking uniform here at school. Instead, you will be able to order your uniform from Smarty Schoolwear shop in Stevenage town centre or online at

We will still have some stock of second-hand uniform in school, or you can purchase uniform without a logo at local supermarkets or Smarty Schoolwear. 

The school has established a dress code, which we expect all children to conform to. The dress code consists of:

  • a bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan,
  • white shirt/polo shirt,
  • grey or black trousers/shorts/skirts,
  • green & white check or striped dress for summer.

We do encourage children to wear sun hats in the summer. All items, in the school colours, are available from the major chain stores at very reasonable prices. PE Kit consists of a white t-shirt and bottle green shorts. Trainers will be required for outdoor activities. In winter it would be advisable for your child to have jogging bottoms and a jumper for outside games.

The Governors, staff and parents of the school have given their approval to the school’s dress code, both because of the practical benefits of having clothing specifically for school, and because of the tidy, smart image it gives all the children who follow it. We hope that children who wear the school colours will feel proud to be identified with Ashtree School.

We would also ask that all clothing worn to school is marked with your child’s name, so that any items which are lost can easily be returned to their rightful owners as quickly as possible! Pupils should have a change of indoor shoes at all times.

Children with shoulder length or longer hair should come to school with their hair up in a ponytail, plait or bunches. This would help to reduce the spread of head lice around the school, and would meet the Health and Safety requirements of lessons such as PE, Technology etc.

Children should not wear any jewellery to school, as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and badges/brooches can be the cause of injury, not only to the wearers, but to others. If jewellery is required for religious observance please discuss this with the Headteacher. (Plain watches and MedicAlert bracelets would be the only exception). Where children already have pierced ears on admission to the school, studs may be worn, but no rings or sleepers as these can be a source of severe injury to children in PE and Games activities and in the playground. Earrings should either be removed or taped over during PE lessons.

Watches may be worn, but the school accepts no responsibility for them, or for any other articles of value brought to the school. Mobile phones are not allowed in school and should be handed in to the office if discovered.