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Ethos & Values

Our vision is:

  • To create a school community which is safe, understanding, aspirational and which values reading, and where curriculum design challenges children to succeed in life emotionally, socially and intellectually.’


In September 2023, we refined our values that embody school life at Ashtree. Each value is focused on in a term and then runs as a thread through all of our assemblies, homework and behaviours.  These values are;

  • Community
  • Pride
  • Resilience

These values are also encompassed in our classroom rules:


  • We listen to others
  • We work as a team
  • We are always kind


  • We keep our work neat
  • We keep our classroom tidy
  • We take care of our things


  • We give it a try
  • We ask for help
  • We enjoy learning something new

British Values

We promote British values at Ashtree School. At Ashtree School we foster these values in our children through a combination of whole school ethos and curriculum breadth; getting our children started on the journey to become responsible citizens in modern Britain.