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Headteacher Mrs M Janes DSP,  Remote Learning Lead,  Mental Health Lead, Health & Safety Lead, KS1 Line Manager
Deputy Headteacher Miss P Ruprai DDSP, EY Line Manager, INCo (SEND, MA, Pupil Premium)
Assistant Headteacher Mr R Yates DDSP, KS2 Line Manager, Deputy Mental Health Lead, Maths and PE & Sports Premium Lead
Penguins (Nur) Mrs T Compton

Mrs K Holtom

Music Lead (Monday-Tuesday)


Ms K Rodford Early Years Practitioner
Robins (Rec) Miss M Sinnott EYFS Lead, Phonics Lead
 Mrs A Graham, Mrs K Holtom Early Years Practitioner
Swifts (Yr 1/2) Mrs B Boswood-Davies
Wrens (Y1/2) Mrs S McQueen KS1 Leader, PSHE & C Lead
Buzzards (Y3/4) Mr L Allen History & Geography Lead
Kestrels (Y4/4) Mrs K Cox DDSP, LKS2 Leader, Science Lead
Kites (Y3/4) Mrs J Goode

Mrs H Khattran

D & T Lead (Monday – Wednesday)

Computing Lead (Thursday – Friday)

Harriers (Y5) Mrs S Somiah Art Lead
Hawks (Y5) Miss N Kiernan

Mrs C Judge

Mr D Dyes-Bolt

UKS2 Leader, Parental Engagement Lead, MFL Lead (Mon – Wed)

Currently on Maternity Leave (Thursday – Friday)

Maternity Cover (Thursday – Friday)

Falcons (Y6) Mr R Yates Assistant Headteacher (as above)
Eagles (Y6) Mrs H Allen Writing  & Social Media Lead

Support Teachers

Miss N Hembra HLTA
Miss F  Kirby Premier Education – Sports Coach

Teaching Assistants

Mrs R Mulqueen Miss V Blackham
Mrs J Cockburn Mrs S Taylor
Mrs S Graham Mrs E Livings (lead TA)
Miss S Tobin Mrs T Swallow
Miss S Staddon Mrs E Walsh
Mrs K Cristofoli

Midday Supervisory Staff

Mrs L Tuck Miss T Hankin
Miss C Haines

Support Staff

Office Manager Mrs C Wasley
Clerical Assistants Mrs E Furman, Mrs Elliott, Mrs C Pitts
Site Manager Mr M Graham
Cook Ms S Holland
Breakfast Club Leader Mrs S Potts
Deputy Breakfast Club Leader Mrs P Unsworth