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Headteacher Ms E Kirwan SLT Line Manager, DSP, Child Protection/Health & Safety/Assessment
Deputy Head Mrs M Janes Community Cohesion, Extended Services Lead, Pupil Premium, Wider Family Support, Remote Learning Lead,  Mental Health Lead, SLT, DDSP, EYFS & KS2 Line Manager
Assistant Head Mr R Yates Student Placement Co-ordinator, SLT, DDSP, INSET Co-ordinator, KS1 Line Manager, Deputy Mental Health Lead, Computing, eSafety and Website Lead
Nursery Teacher Mrs N Mohiuddin RE Lead, Community Cohesion and EYFS Lead
Nursery Nurses Mrs B Manak, Mrs A Graham, Mrs A Harvey
Reception 1 Miss S Butt Outdoor Learning Lead (Monday – Wednesday)
Mrs T Compton EYFS Parental Engagement Lead (Thursday-Friday)
Reception 2 Miss M Sinnott EYFS Lead
Class 3 Mr R Yates Assistant Headteacher (see above)
Class 4 Mrs J Goode

Mrs H Khattran

 D & T Lead (Monday – Wednesday)

RE Lead (Thursday – Friday)

Class 5 Ms S McQueen PSHE & C Support
Class 6 Mrs S Barber KS1 Leader, Maths Lead
Class 7 Mrs M Garnham Art & Design Lead
Class 8 Mr L Allen History Lead
Class 9 Mrs K Cox LKS2 Leader, Science Lead
Class 10 Mr D Steadman PE & Sport Premium Lead
Class 11 Mrs S Somiah Pupil Premium Support
Class 12 Miss N Kiernan

Mrs C Judge

UKS2 Leader, PSHE & C Lead (Mon – Wed)

History Lead (Thursday – Friday)

Class 13 Miss P Ruprai Literacy & MA Lead
Class 14 Mrs H Allen Geography Lead
SENDCo Mr P Tatton DDSP, Child Protection/Children Looked After (CLA), Inclusion

Support Teachers

Miss A Castle SEN Teacher (Wednesday-Friday)
Mrs S Clark French Specialism and KS1 Music (Monday-Wednesday)
Mrs E Rook Class 3  Teacher (Thursday)
Mr K Flynn PE Specialism (Monday – Wednesday)
Mrs T Compton PPA Provider ( Tuesday-Wednesday)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs R Mulqueen Ms S Des-Forge
Mrs V Tucker-Whitehead Mrs S Braybrooke
Mrs J Cockburn Mrs E Barkway
Mrs J Conquest Miss J Outlaw
Mrs N Dunlop Mrs S J Chambers
Mrs S Graham Mrs E Livings
Miss S Tobin Mrs T Swallow
Mrs J Hudson Mrs S Taylor
Mrs N Hembra Mrs G Wicksey
Miss G Baker Mrs C Gibbs
Mrs N Foley Mrs J Chinery
Mrs K Holtom Mrs L Young

Support Staff

Office Manager Mrs C Wasley
Clerical Assistants Mrs E Furman, Mrs K Swain, Mrs C Pitts
Caretaker Mr D Street
Cook Mrs B Gough
Senior Midday Supervisory (KS2) Mrs R Mulqueen
Senior Midday Supervisor (FS/KS1) Miss M Smith
Breakfast Club Leader Mrs S Potts
Deputy Mrs P Unsworth
Playleaders Miss Smith, Miss Hursey, Mrs Butterfield
Lunch Bunch Leader Mrs S Potts