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Curriculum Overview

At Ashtree Primary School & Nursery we follow the new National Curriculum 2014. However, over the course of the academic year 2018-2019, we began developing the design of our curriculum to focus on ‘what’ we want Ashtree pupils to learn, ‘how’ we want Ashtree pupils to learn and ‘why’ we want Ashtree pupils to learn through our curriculum.

The National Curriculum is also divided into Key Stages: Early Years Foundation Stage refers to pupils from birth to Reception, Key Stage 1 refers to pupils in Years 1 & 2, age-range (5 – 7 yrs), while Key Stage 2 refers to the Years 3 – 6, age-range (7 – 11 yrs).

For information about our KS1 and KS2 curriculum please visit our English, Maths and Subject Overviews pages. For information about the Early Years curriculum please visit our EYFS curriculum page.