Community Woodland Trip

On Thursday 12th January 2023, Ashtree School’s Eco Councillors and School Councillors had the wonderful opportunity to plant trees to create a new woodland in our community.

We walked to the Southfield of Fairlands park, where we met Joel and Pete from Stevenage Council, who were there to show us what to do and to give us the equipment we needed to plant these new trees.  We were in pairs and each pair had nine different native trees to plant.  These included rowan, hazel, crab apple and cherry trees.

“We planted some trees, we dug holes, and we put canes next to them to support them and put a protective tube around them.  Everyone was working as a team, and it was so much fun.” Lylah and Lola – Kestrel Class

All the Ashtree pupils involved worked extremely hard and we planted approximated 60 trees!  The children were a real credit to the school with their effort, enthusiasm and positive attitude and Mrs Livings and I were very proud of the way the pupils represented the school.