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School Council and School Parliament

The job of the School Council is to discuss issues and ideas that have been brought up in Class Council sessions. The School Council Executive Committee meets with Ms. Kirwan to pass on the ideas and views of the Ashtree Children.  There are representatives on the School Council from Y3 to Y6 (Y2 in the Summer Term).

The Executive Committee for 2017 – 2018 are:

Chair Person: Suzan
Vice Chair: Kieron
Secretary: Ella-Mae
Eco-Rep: Ronnie

Our School Council is also represented in the Stevenage Schools’ Parliament.

Our Parliament Representatives this year are:


Stevenage Schools’ Parliament


On Monday 18th September 2017 our two Stevenage Schools’ Parliament representatives attended a ‘Team Building’ afternoon with the other new school parliamentarians.  They engaged in a variety of games and activities all centred around ‘working together’ and ‘communication’ – setting the members up for the new term of the Stevenage Schools’ Parliament.

Monday 16th October 2017, was the first session of the Stevenage Schools’ Parliament for this academic year.

Our two Schools’ Parliament representatives met with the Mayor, Stevenage councillors and children from other local primary and secondary schools in the council chambers to discuss issues that affect children in Stevenage.  The children debated various ideas and it was finally agreed that the focus of the Parliament for this year will be an Eco one – looking into the numbers of trees and plants around Stevenage and animal habitats.

The next step for the Parliament representatives is to share the issues discussed with the children back at their own individual schools, so that they can find out their opinions and ideas, these will then be shared when Parliament meets again and a plan of action created.