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Special Educational Needs & Disability

Ashtree is an inclusive school. We believe that learning must be relevant and appropriate to the child’s needs at the time.

When considering suitable provision for the individual requirements of children, it is important to include the whole range of emotional, behavioural and educational needs, including dyslexia.

The curriculum is planned to provide access to the National Curriculum for all children, including the Early Years Foundation Stage, all Key Stages and for all stages of development.

The school provides extra support for those children who do not progress at the same speed as others, or who have significantly greater difficulties in learning to the majority of others of the same age, or who may have mental health or physical needs.

Sometimes a child will need an individual educational programme and this will be devised by the class teacher and the Special Educational Needs & Disability Co-ordinator. If necessary the school can also call upon the expertise of other specialist professionals such as Educational Psychologists and Speech Therapists. Parents will always be involved in discussions regarding their child’s needs.

Where a child’s needs are more significant, the SENDCO will work with the class teacher to provide additional funding, if appropriate, for support or resources, or to consider if an Education and Health Care Plan is needed.

The school procedure for the identification of, and provision for children with disabilities and/or special educational needs, follows the Special Educational Needs & Disability Code of Practice 0 to 25 Years – published by the DfE in June 2014.

The school’s approach to and the provision for Special Educational Needs is being developed and changed, in line with the new Code of Practice and the County time scales; and  in consultation with parents and governors, over the course of the next academic year.  We will post the new changes and keep the parental body informed as the new process develops.

Immediate changes you will notice from the Autumn Term 2014; the previous Special Needs categories of School Action and School Action Plus will disappear and be replaced by one single category: SEN Support.  IEP’s and IEP Reviews will be replaced with the SEN Support Plan and the Statement of Special Educational Needs will be replaced by the new Education Health Care Plan.

Education Health Care Plans

Through an Education Health Care Plan (formally known as a Statement of Special Educational Need), the LEA will specify the child’s needs, state objectives to be met and the provision that might be made to support those needs.

Before Starting at Ashtree

Any parents who are aware that their child has an identified special educational need or disability before they are admitted to school are asked to clarify the need at the earliest opportunity with the Headteacher and the SENDCO to ensure that adequate provision is in place as soon as the child enters school. Equally, we are happy to be approached by any parent who has concerns about their child’s educational progress or development.

The Governing Body has appointed a Governor to monitor this area.

More information regarding SEND can be found on the Statutory Information page.

Most Able Pupils

At Ashtree we believe in treating all pupils as individuals, therefore catering for their individual needs. We recognise that some of our pupils have specific gifts in one or more subjects and/ or talents in the arts or sports. Teachers plan activities to meet the needs of these pupils through the following strategies – acceleration, enrichment or extension. Additional resources/materials may be used to extend a pupil’s thinking skills within a topic.