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Curriculum Overview

At Ashtree School we aim to provide enrichment, creativity and enjoyment for everyone through a varied curriculum and range of experiences, with high expectations for all.

The school is following the new National Curriculum 2014.

The National Curriculum is also divided into Key Stages: Early Years Foundation Stage refers to pupils from birth to Reception, Key Stage 1 refers to pupils in Years 1 & 2, age-range (5 – 7 yrs), while Key Stage 2 refers to the Years 3 – 6, age-range (7 – 11 yrs).

To teach many subjects we use a ‘Cross Curricular’ approach which aims to utilise the interests of the pupils and enables staff to maximise teaching to the preferred learning styles of pupils. By working in this way we aim to ensure that standards are high and pupils are well equipped to cope in a wider world.

Details of topics being followed this term are provided in the documents below:


The whole school homework set on 19.06.19 is focusing on PE and is based on the picture below:

Reading 19.06.19

Pastoral Care

Consultation evenings take place in the Autumn and Spring terms and Annual Reports go out in July. Parents are welcome to make appointments with Class Teachers to discuss these Reports. An Open Evening is held in the Summer term, when parents are invited to visit every part of the school, with their own children as their guides! In the Autumn Term we hold “new to year group” parent information sessions after school. Children starting school have the opportunity to visit the school and meet their new teacher during the half-term before they start full-time schooling.