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Class 14

World War Two Day

Year 6 enjoyed learning about the Second World War – they dressed up as evacuees!


In our Christmas pantomime we were characters from the play – The Pied Piper. We had lots of songs and lines to learn!

Number Puzzles

In Maths, Year 6 have been working very hard in applying their understanding of number this week. The children had been given a puzzle from Cambridge University where they had to sort and organise numbers according to their different properties. At first the children found this very challenging as they had a lot of different categories to sort but with their determination and resilience, they managed to complete it! We are particularly impressed with how most children were also able to explain their choices and show appropriate workings out to prove this!

Crucial Crew

Year 6 were great ambassadors for the school at crucial crew. This opportunity enabled the children to understand the appropriate way to act and behave if they found themselves in dangerous situations. The children enjoyed learning about cyber bullying, how to perform the recovery position and road safety along with much more! The organisers commented on their fantastic manners and maturity throughout the morning, we were very proud of them!