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Class 12

Science in Year 5

On Thursday 31st January, Mr Bardou came into Year 5 to tell us some facts about Space.  He also let us ask him a ton of questions.  Some of our questions were, ‘What colour is a star when it is hot or cold?’, ‘Has anyone come out of a black hole?’ and ‘What is the biggest star ever?’  We asked him well over 20 questions. 

Mr Bardou also gave each of us some posters and stickers about Space.  One poster was about asteroids and satellites, another showed the order of the planets and the last one showed the Mars Rover.  Overall, it was a very fun afternoon.

Thank you so much Mr Bardou!

Written by Ronnie Class 11, on behalf of all of Year 5.

Year 5’s Published Poet!

We are absolutely thrilled in Class 12, to have a published poet working amongst us!  Max B has had one of his poem’s published in a Herts for Learning book,  (Developing Young Scientists – Part 2), as it clearly demonstrated how Science understanding can be recorded in a clever and creative way.  Max’s poem is published below too, for everyone to enjoy.  Well done Max!  We are all extremely proud of you!

Max’s Pizza

By Max B 

Hello, I am Max’s pizza,

And I must say it’s nice to meet ya!

Now I am going into his mouth,

And when I am finished, I will be smaller than a mouse.

Where am I?  It is really dark.

I hope that this won’t leave mark.

Goodness, I think I’ll be as small as sand.

Could someone please hold my hand?

I know I don’t have one, but this is very strange!

That I am going down in this sort of range.

Now I am in the oesophagus, I am going through so much!

There is so many things of such.

I am in the stomach, something is making me spin!

I can’t run nor can I swim!

I am lastly in the small intestine.

There aint no time for resting!

Goodbye kids, have some fun!

This is what your food will be like – they feel like they’ve been stunned!