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Class 11

Year 5’s Published Poet!

We are absolutely thrilled in Class 12, to have a published poet working amongst us!  Max B has had one of his poem’s published in a Herts for Learning book,  (Developing Young Scientists – Part 2), as it clearly demonstrated how Science understanding can be recorded in a clever and creative way.  Max’s poem is published below too, for everyone to enjoy.  Well done Max!  We are all extremely proud of you!

Max’s Pizza

By Max B 

Hello, I am Max’s pizza,

And I must say it’s nice to meet ya!

Now I am going into his mouth,

And when I am finished, I will be smaller than a mouse.

Where am I?  It is really dark.

I hope that this won’t leave mark.

Goodness, I think I’ll be as small as sand.

Could someone please hold my hand?

I know I don’t have one, but this is very strange!

That I am going down in this sort of range.

Now I am in the oesophagus, I am going through so much!

There is so many things of such.

I am in the stomach, something is making me spin!

I can’t run nor can I swim!

I am lastly in the small intestine.

There aint no time for resting!

Goodbye kids, have some fun!

This is what your food will be like – they feel like they’ve been stunned!