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Reception Sunshines


Today we talked about the properties of shapes. We labelled each shape and wrote down the amount of sides.

Higher and Lower

We used playing cards to play ‘Higher or Lower’. We had to guess what the next number might be and say whether that number will be ‘more’ or ‘less’.


Reception Sunshines have been learning all about Space!

We blasted our own rockets in the playground, found out lots of facts using non fiction books, built spaceships, wrote Space sentences and even had a picnic on the Moon!

It has been such a fun topic!

Christmas Dance

At Christmas we took part in the play ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’. We were characters from Frozen!

The Toy’s Party

The Sunshine Reception class read the story ‘The Toy’s Party’.

In the story Kipper makes a cake using cornflakes, sugar, milk, jam, tomato sauce and baked beans. We wrote a shopping list to buy the ingredients.  We then made the cake. It was not like any birthday cake we had ever seen.

We had such a fun afternoon!