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What People Say

What the children say about Ashtree School:

Key Stage 1

“We have lots of lovely teachers.”

“We have new friends we made.”

“I like the climbing frame.”

“We have lots of lovely books about things.”

Key Stage 2

“Ashtree is so great; I have so many great friends and teachers. I like the ones who have helped me and the ones still to come.”

“What is great about Ashtree is that they keep all of us very safe.”

“I like Ashtree because they treat us all really nicely and make the lessons fun.”

“I like how much we learn in a day.”

“Ashtree is the best because the teachers help us learn a lot.”

“Ashtree rocks!”

“There’s always, no matter where you are, someone there to help.”

“Our school is great because the teachers taught me how to believe in myself.”

“The after-school clubs are fun and give another chance to learn.”

“This is the only school that I would go to as it does lots of fun things.”

“There are games that boost our confidence.”

“The equipment at break times is very fun.”

“I like how much we learn every day.”

What parents say about our school:

We had 223 responses to our ‘2019 Questionnaire for parents and carers’.

  • 97% of parents who responded agree that their child is happy at school.
  • 97% of parents who responded agree that their child feels safe at this school.
  • 96% of parents who responded agree that their child makes good progress at this school.
  • 97% of parents who responded agree that their child is well looked after at this school.
  • 96% of parents who responded agree that their child is taught well at this school.
  • 96% of parents who responded would recommend Ashtree School to another parent.

For more detailed information please see the questionnaire below:

What parents say about our homework:

After developing a new approach to our homework policy in January 2019, we asked parents what they thought.

  • 100% of parents are discussing homework with their children.
  • 100% of parents have completed homework activities with their child(ren).

‘Having 3 children at home this approach makes homework more fun and interactive and easier for us parents.’

‘The picture homework gives my child autonomy and they use their imagination more. Homework feels less stressful.’

What Ofsted say about our school:

“Pupils’ attainment in reading, writing and mathematics at key stage 1 remains above the national average.”

“Staff deal consistently with pupils’ behaviour and have high expectations.”

“The Nursery provision provides a positive start for children, preparing them well for their first school experience.”

“The teaching of phonics is effective. Pupils in the early years and in key stage 1 make good progress in their reading.”

“Leaders have ensured that the school curriculum promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well.”

What the teachers say about Ashtree School:

“We love to see how the children progress through their years at Ashtree and how much they love being here.”

“Children are enthused about their learning. They want to do well.”

“We are a supportive staff.”

“The children know they can ask for help at any time.”

“Parents are supported well with more than just the child’s education.”

“Everybody respects each other.”

“We are a supportive staff and are good role models.”

“Staff speak highly of the headteacher and senior leadership team.”