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Ethos & Values

ethos pictureThe school motto is:

“High expectations equal high outcomes”

The vision is to:

  • Support all children in their development and achievement where individuality and identity are respected and encouraged
  • Encourage confidence and independence by raising self esteem and self respect
  • Create a School community where parents and carers are actively involved in their child’s development
  • Provide enrichment, creativity and enjoyment for everyone through a varied curriculum and range of experiences, with high expectation for all
  • Create a safe and welcoming school community where all members feel valued, are valued and value others
  • Evaluate and build on good practice to ensure that we provide a high quality teaching and learning environment for all
  • Encourage links so that the school contributes to, and benefits from its place in the locality and wider world.

We promote British values at Ashtree School. At Ashtree School we foster these values in our children through a combination of whole school ethos and curriculum breadth; getting our children started on the journey to become responsible citizens in modern Britain.

Poppies made across the school showing our respect for Remembrance Day.


The Governing Body have identified expectations regarding behaviour for the school through three principles. They are:

Principle 1: Children should show:

  • self confidence
  • self control
  • sensitivity and consideration for others
  • a pride in themselves and their school
  • an interest in their activities
  • good manners and courtesy in their dealings with others

Principle 2: Children should develop:

  • responsibility for their learning and their environment
  • an independence of mind
  • a sense of fairness
  • an understanding of the need for rules
  • a respect and tolerance for the lifestyles and opinions of others
  • non extremist attitudes
  • non sexist attitudes
  • non racist attitudes
  • non homophobic attitudes
  • non discriminatory attitudes
  • respect for the decisions made by staff.

Principle 3: All adults in school:

  • should treat all children and adults equally and fairly, irrespective of gender, race, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation
  • should play an active part in building up a sense of community
  • should play an active part in building up a sense of tolerance and respect for others
  • should apply consistently the agreed standards of behaviour
  • have a responsibility to model the type of behaviour felt to be acceptable.