Along with many of the schools in Stevenage, we will be closed on Monday due to the adverse weather conditions. 

We have many staff who are unable to come into school as they live further out of Stevenage in the villages.  Those staff who are able to attend will be making sure the site is safe and we anticipate being open again on Tuesday. 


Please check back here for further updates.


Attendance at Ashtree Primary School & Nursery:

The class with the highest percentage of attendance wins the weekly Attendance Cup. Please see below to find out who has won it this week and their percentage of attendance.


Attendance Cup Winner: Percentage:
 Class 9  99%

Severe Weather/Adverse Conditions:

Parents/Carers will be informed by Schoolcomms if we need to close due to overnight inclement weather or other incident. We will also post our status on www.hertfordshire.gov.uk under the severe weather tab.